This vlog episode catches up on the last couple of shows with the Song Suffragettes at The Listening Room and my first airplane flight to a gig. I got to play bass for a show at a festival in central Florida but both Friday and Saturday were pretty much a blur as we were on a very tight schedule the whole time. It seemed like a lot of effort for around 40 minutes on stage but the show was a blast and while the trip didn’t not have the feel of a vacation, it did have plenty of adventure. I don’t expect many shows that start with a trip to the airport in the near future so I made sure I appreciated the experience. It’s been two weeks since my last upload and I’ve been using the Community tab on my channel a little bit lately to do a poll and touch base with some subscribers. If you go to my home page on YouTube, there are several main categories on the top. One of those tabs is called Community and it’s an area where I can post unlisted videos, polls, pictures and other things that are just for Subscribers. I will continue to use this section so if you really want to know what’s going on in-between videos, that might be a good place to look. This link should take you directly there if you’d like to take a look - There are many other musicians that appear in this vlog but the two that have some of their own songs playing are Emily Ann Roberts at Song Suffragettes and Bailey James at the festival. The song that I use in the beginning and end of this video is one of my new originals called, “One More Day”. As it turns out, it works pretty well as a vlog theme song but I haven’t released the song on Spotify yet or made a video for it. I plan to as soon as I get a good idea and some time :) If you are interested in my original music and want to keep up with my releases, please follow me on Spotify here - I’m 14 years old and I want to be a musician when I grow up. I’ve played many instruments but the one that I feel at home on is a drum set. Drums have always felt natural to me somehow even when I was very young and even though I play lots of other instruments, it’s generally just an excuse to get to eventually record a drum track. I would say the only thing that impresses me more than a great musician is a great song writer so I also spend some of my time trying to learn the magic of songwriting along the way. I thought it would help me keep focused if I started a drum series where I learned a new song every couple of weeks. Hopefully, I will keep doing it, keep loving music and keep getting better. Instagram -- Spotify -- Website --

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