A Part Of Me

I hope that I am not giving you empty generalizations… you know, „work hard“, „always smile“, „when you fall down, get up again“, „when you want to quit, remember why you started“…

phrases that everybody already heard a hundred times, and to be honest, we are sick of them. Just stop. I know… I know…

What I want to give you is a part of me. Maybe, if even somebody is reading these lines, and I really don’t know… I hope I can give you something. Something unique maybe. A smile. Some tiny little movement inside of you.

My writing may vary from day to day. I am young, starting out.

I feel like I came a long way in life already… in those 25 years. But I really really think that everybody does think that, and, it is true for everybody! We all came a long way.

For me it feels like from hell to heaven… I have stolen. I lied. I numb the pain. I hurt people, cold. I was feeling very lonely, in cities far away. I was running… from myself. I know the feeling of being depressed. Empty. I know the pain.

But, on the other hand… love.

What can I say? If you know, you know… Love.

Sitting in the Australian desert… with nothing. But so rich.

Thank you, dear Love.

  • Fabi