After All, And Still

{Words from a piece I wrote few months ago. Thought that it does belong on here very much}

Hi, just wanting to share some thoughts with y‘all. After all, I am still believing that everything is possible in life. Everyday I see the magic my words do, my actions do, my thoughts do.. everyday I see the way we are creating and shaping our world, the world we live in. Everyone is, indeed, creating their own struggles and blessings. Long time ago I learned that our outer world is a reflection of our inner. So still.. I go within. Finding great strength, vulnerability, joy, and sorrow. Learning so much, and growing. Practicing presence. And on so many days i think to myself thats it.. thats really it. I already got everything I ever asked for. I’m rich. Rich in life. A richness no man can ever take from me. I am full. And I thank god.

So many times I wish everybody could feel that way, full of love. But as a highly empathic being I know it’s not that way yet.. there is still so much room to grow, to learn, to awaken to the true powers every individual has. Thats what I wanna see in this world! Truly powerful people! I cherish all of you! I know and see your powers.

Lately I find lots of strength in vulnerability. I become aware, and stop fleeing my fears. Instead, I look at them. I feel and acknowledge them. On a level I have not done before. And now.. thats the way they got less power over me. It feels so right. So strong, even courageous. I fell in love with this life long time ago… and still.

Have a good day my friends, bless,