Another Day, Another Blessing

What a day! Even though I went to work, all was normal… but, you know, the energy was just right.

My day started off kind of really mad. Things did not seem to go my way, for like an hour, maybe two. In those moments, I really like being just mad and letting it off. Not off onto others of course, but venting and being real is very important.

Later on, the energy started flowing. I had great conversations all day long, so much laughter, fun, compassion, things were just going my way… I made them go my way. All was good.

After work, I eat right, to fuel me well. I laid down and took a short nap. After that, I went full on focus to do my things. You know, writing, chess, workouts, ice bathing, and so an. I go where the energy flows.

Yes, ice baths. I take them regularly. Very often. Almost every day, I just hop in my tub full of water, staying outside in the winter. Man, is it a blessing to experience things like that. The power is real. I am gonna elaborate on ice bathing and its benefits on the mind and body in another text, I am sure of that. It’s gotta be said.

Well, just a normal day. What a blessing!

Wishing you love, power, excitement. And a good night sleep.

  • Fabi