Bad Days

I had a couple of bad days. At first it felt like somethings got to me. Honestly, did not know what it was.

What do you do? Even though I had experienced some bad thoughts and heavy emotions, I kept going. Doing my thing, listening to audios, reading, working out hard, and so on.. The only thing was that I was sleeping more and the volume of my output was like cut in half. My creativity was not so on. I did not write, which for me is an indicator of something being not quite right.

Anyways, after 5 days here I am. Feeling fresh as a … emh.. orange or so. lol.

I keep seeing the same pattern over and over again! 3-4 really good weeks, full power on! No bullshit, just going after it and feeling great. Doing what I am doing.

Then there come like 4-5 bad days. Reset. Recharge. Set up course anew.

Is it possible to be even more stable in life? To keep on track almost like all of the time? Wondering.

Well, anyways, 4 weeks for 4 days is a pretty good deal I would say! Proud of me.

  • Fabi