First Things First

What I have realized is that my mental and emotional state ALWAYS comes first. At any day, point, and situation in life. When I feel like it… I do it. Even when I am at work. Even when something important is happening. For a minute I go outside. I take deep breaths. I feel. I center myself.

There I go again. Here I am. Fresh. Full of life.

Sometimes something hits us in daily life - and we shake. What was that? We may ask ourselves. Or maybe we know very well.

Some kind of trigger. Someone laughing in the back. Some thing you see. Something that somehow resonates and triggers YOU.

Don’t think that you have to react, or be, this or any other way… Don’t think that you have to endure the negativity and when its over THEN you will relax and calm down. Do it NOW. And see life unfolding in new ways. YOUR ways!

When we ignore and simply move on - we lose our presence. Our power. Our authenticity. And this comes with a huge price.

Make the world a product of you, not yourself a product of the world.

So, please please please, put yourself FIRST! YOU ARE WORTH IT. You are doing yourself and everybody around a great honor.

I appreciate you.

Have a good day,

  • Fabi