Focus And Attention

I love to exercise my focus, concentration and attention span. To sit and focus on something for more like 15 minutes is something not so common anymore in our society. 
You see it in high performing people. But not really in the regular one.

I love to give my best. I love a laser clear focus. When my brain is ON.

I have just completed my first online chess tournament. It lasted for 3.5 hours. After 3 hours, my brain was jelly. To hold up that kind of concentration for a prolonged period of time is something I admire, and it is not too easy to do.

I find that we can exercise our concentration and attention span. That is why I play chess, read books, listen to podcasts, write, and so on. Most of the day, my brain is on.

It gives me this good feeling of purpose and improvement in every single day.

I am gonna continue to give my best. To be the most knowledgeable person I can be.

It is good for me and my self esteem.

PS: Good sleep and good nutrition really helps us to focus and perform at our best, both physically and mentally.

  • Fabi