Friends With The Struggle

I am friends with the struggle. Good with the darkness. With the bad times. I know them very well. Of course I don’t like it. Of course. BUT - full acceptance is somehow making it easier. Way less overwhelming.

One kind of the weakest people around here are the ones only running around from one pleasure to another- you can smell the fear already. But they keep on running, running and looking for the things bringing pleasure, dopamine, fun. May it be partying, drugs, food, television, sex, social media, over exercising, workaholism, you name it…

They cannot bear a second of silence. It is terrifying.

Unfortunately, the crash is always coming. And then the spiral begins anew.

My life goes the best just being up to date. Up to the moment. No shit in denial. No fears lingering around. When it comes - it comes. Then its time to face it and be am man. Going thru it. Making the best out of it. Learning. Pondering. Keeping on going. Getting things right again.

But running away… always ends in disaster.

Be brave. Look. Go through it. Whatever it takes. Commit. Make your life great.

Again… I believe so much in us. I believe in the love and power of every single one of us. I wanna see us strong.

  • Fabi