Full Power In Mexico

I had the honor to listen to almost 10 minutes of a voice message from a really good friend, currently living in Mexico! Someone with whom I connect on a deep level of understanding.

It was a beautiful display of self esteem, confidence, self awareness and wisdom. So many factors in life put together, mixed well, coming out as the perfect potion for success FOR HIM!

He is telling me about how he is mastering life in Mexico. About the struggles and his responses to it. About manifestations in his daily life. It is still kinda the beginning for him. AND HE IS SHINING. Really doing his thing. Being true to himself. Not losing to bullshit. Really, living in purpose and in alignment with his personal values!

Qualities which everybody admires. Qualities and personality traits that are feeling great for everybody, if experienced at their own. I wish everybody can have a taste of that. What a world would this be!!!

For now, my friend, keep doing you! May life shower you with blessings, gratitude, love, strength, and power!

I am really proud to see things like that. I will always support the good! God forbid envy.

  • Fabi