I Challenge You!

I want to challenge you all to be great!

I want to challenge you all to be you! To be the best you!

Go out for a run. Run, until you can’t no more. Do a pushup challenge. Eat GOOD! Eat right, nutritious food for you and your body. Take ice baths. If not, take a cold shower. Go for 30 seconds. Then a minute. Enjoy the SENSATION of natural adrenalin and dopamine running through you, boosting your energy through the roof.

At the end of it all, you will be very very proud of yourself and of what you did.

It can be ANYTHING, suiting for you! Whats that thing you always wanted to do but been afraid of? Whats that thing you know you need to do, but always procrastinate up to this day? What’s that? I challenge you to sit down and have a check in with yourself. Stop shitting yourself. Don’t even start with the excuses.

Excuses and procrastination leads to lower self esteem. You’ll have no respect for yourself.

Getting shit done, doing what it takes, giving it all, challenging yourself, and growing beyond previous limits equals HIGH self esteem and good self worth!

And THIS, my friends, is the realest, biggest and best pleasure in life. The fruits of high self esteem. It leads to the life of your dreams. It leads to a life full of love, respect, wealth, and everything you ever dreamed of and wished for.

See the great value of self esteem. NOT working on it takes a HUGE price in life. It can and WILL cost you your dreams.

Be ACTIVE in life, instead of PASSIVE.

So what? Still sitting on the couch? Or going out building up your life?

It is in your hands.

You got the power. Or not.

Best wishes,

  • Fabi