I Feel Great (thought)

Of course I am very good in life. I feel fantastic. It only makes sense.

One of my highest values is hard work. I don’t take anything for granted, If I want something, I go and get it. I deserve it.

I am taking care very well of me. I work out at least 3 times a week, to look good, be strong, and keep my masculine hormones all intact.

I eat well. No junkfood. I avoid sugar, and to a great deal I only eat natural foods, which did not went through a factory. I avoid chemicals at all costs.

I take care of my mind. I read books. I listen to podcasts. Everyday, my mind brings up new ideas. I feed my brain very well. Additionally, I am an expert at taking care of my emotional state. If I do not feel well, I instantly take the time to refresh, work on me and put myself in order again. I face my fears on a daily basis.

I face my fears on a daily basis. What’s left to be afraid of? Not much. The past couple of weeks I am enjoying a beautiful state of fearlessness.

I feel very powerful. In the sense that I am in control of my life. I decide what I do, what I say, wether I go left or right. I am in charge and the boss.

I love the people I am with on a daily basis. Except from work where I cannot always choose, I am surrounded by beautiful beings. My friends, my family, it is just perfect. I feel right in place and I love them so much.

Everyday, I can honestly say that I give my best. Of course there are bad days. Of course. But I am not afraid. Thats ok. I take my time. I rest. I recover. Until life gives me so much energy again. It never seems to end. Ongoing fountain.

You can take everything away from me. Sit me naked in the desert. I know, that I am gonna come back and build my life back up again. The riches in my heart can never be taken away from me. I pray. I pray. I thank god. He seemed to put something inside of me. Some kind of light. Some kind of love. Some kind of blessing. And it is my duty not to keep it for my own. It is my duty to share the light everywhere I go. In form of a hug, a smile, a kind word… maybe even a serious one if it helps. I just gotta stay true to who I am. Thats what I have to do in life. Priority number one. No money, no external validation. Nothing like that. No interest. Just give me my peace of mind. Thats what I am about.

I believe that everybody can just feel great. If we put in the work. It actually takes work. It may be a long way… but it is possible. Step by step. I am on this road for 8 years now. I started thinking when I was 17.

I feel like I wanna hug the whole world. And release it from all the bullshit. Actually, 98% of the things we do really don’t even matter. Let’s focus on the 2% that do. Entirely.

  • Fabi