In Awe Of Life

In Awe Of Life

How can it be so beautiful, day after day… all this is.

Spending time with friends. Seeing the flower grow out of those tiny little cracks in the concrete. Hearing people laugh. Seeing the sun rise up. Preparing the nutritious meal for after the workout. Laying in bed to fall asleep. Rising out of bed in the morning, really grumpy and not wanting to go. Is it not this beautiful game called life?

Reverence, gratitude and awe for life. For everything that happens. Thats what I want to be known for. For embracing it all, never backing up, never shying away from the challenges being presented to me. I go through this earth school in love, courage and faith.

What are my footprints that I am leaving behind? I hope they are good. I try to make sure that they are.

Lately, these past couple of days I am thinking about realizing our full potential. I think there is sooo much in every single one of us. So much love, courage, confidence, self esteem we can tap into. So much of it we can use to create and shape our life the way we desire it to be.

And the best thing is… that I already see the poeple close to me doing it. They really shine. Incredibly proud of you.

Lets go out, and make things happen. Every one of us.

  • Fabi