To be connected to my intention.
To live with clarity.
To live with and though love.
To be authentic.
To give, to share the good.
To be strong in the body, and mind.
To evolve, further and further every day.
To learn.
To go through the hard times, never stop. To actively go through them.
To face my fears, so I can grow.
To be clear in expression.
To be healthy.
To eat good.
To work hard, to give my best.
To connect with other human beings.
To find what is right for me.
To find my creativity.
To actively create the world that I live in.
To be good.
To work on my self esteem.
To be adventurous.
To be a masculine man.
To go through barriers.
To expand.
To conquer, to build.
To be with good people, who are good for me and who I am good for.
To say what I think.
To not hold back.
To be wise.
To make good decisions for me and my life.
To do what is right for me.
To fulfill my true potential.
To be connected to god.
To serve the world as much as I can.
To be attractive.
To always educate myself.
To be smart.
To help where I can.
To push my limits and never stop.
To never stop.
To always seek for the answers.
To never stop thinking on my own and for myself.
To be the best I can be.
To live moment by moment, day by day. But also in the big picture.
To be present.
To love.
To enjoy my life.
To look and seek for the truth.
To be free.

  • Fabi