Laying Low, pt.2

Today some things came up again. I was sitting in grief, reflecting. Looking at chances I could have taken. Well, kind of laying low again today.

What I find interesting is that grief and laying low does not change the fact of a good day. I sit here in gratitude and presence.

The worst is to be split. To put on a smile while wanting to cry. That is really really bad.

But being present? Acknowledging the fears? That full on ok for me. I can handle myself pretty well.

I went to my favorite market, buying the best produce (veggies, fruit, some meat) I can possibly find. The best around here. I don’t care the price. I am worth it.

I heat up my room. I check all the stuff on my to do list. Slowly I get it done. All in peace. So my mind is clear.

Peace of mind. The highest human good.

  • Fabi