Live And Tell Your Truth

It is our duty! To live, speak and tell our truth, which we have found. But this in itself requires us to go through a journey.. a journey of self discovery. A discovery of who we are and what we stand for. A really famous and definitely one of my favorite quotes I have ever heard is „a man who won’t stand for something will fall for anything“. And it’s true. Not only for men. It is for everybody. And I really respect people who got that thing, and everyday I make sure that I am one of them as well.

To stand for something gives you power. It gives you a point in life. It gives you YOUR point and power in life!

I am writing FOR people. I am rooting FOR you! For your unique and individual power, strengths, qualities, values, character, and so on… I want to see people strong. Healthy. Free.

I know the sheer power within every single one of us. Many times, I believe in people even more than they believe in themselves. Because I know where I came from. The mental and physical state I have been in. I know how it feels like to be depressed, weak, unworthy, anxious, lost… BUT on the other hand, I know even more how it feels to be strong, healthy, fit, confident, free, HAPPY, grateful, powerful… fulfilled!

I kind of know whats possible. I have experienced how far we can climb.

I believe that, at least potentially, every person, YOU, got soooooooo much energy inside. You can move things. You can impact. You can create your life beyond any limit.

I wish you a wonderful and powerful day, and a good journey in this life.

  • Fabi