Long Days, No Excuses, And A Best Friend

I usually work long days, full time. This week was even more, because I had to go to a seminar to prepare for exams. I learn as an electrician. Full time, PLUS 15 more hours this and next week each.

Where is the time for me and my life?

I still take it where I can.

It would be SO EASY to make excuses. To get fat. To not workout. It would be so easy to let myself go, turn on the TV or some series and do nothing until I get to work again. Everybody would understand. You know, I work full time in construction, what do you expect?

But thats not me. I cannot do this. My drive and energy in life is way too high.

Everyday after work I go after it. I read, I study, I write, I workout hard, I cook and eat good, I take care of my mental shape and space. I do what’s good for me and what I find interesting.

No difference this week. It was really fucking hard, no lie. Looong days. BUT STILL, I just finished the hardest workout of the week!

No fucking excuses. Let’s get it!! No fucking excuses.

And one of the best parts is… I have a best friend who is going through all of this with me. I see him shine, I see him work out, I see him getting the shit done he needs to do and I see him building up his life every day, never ending… what a blessing to have a friend like this! Thank you for existing, for being you, for motivating me, and all the thousand other things we have in common. Proud to call you my friend! We are not alone.

  • Fabi