I always go all in when I do something. The thing is… it’s the same for the bad shit. Something destructive? I go all in.

I really gotta make sure to keep away from that.

Over the years, I got a hold of my tendency on that pretty decently! Proud of that.

So, nowadays, most of the time, I go all in on the things I really admire and love. That is sports, nutrition, ice bathing, chess, reading, writing, listening to podcasts/audios on topics i find interesting, and bunch of other stuff. Playing the guitar it was, for example.

I consider my obsessive behavior as a major strength of mine. I push through the hard times. I go the extra mile and do what is necessary. It makes me really good at things. I would say that I have achieved world class in a couple of sport moves for example.

I work with what God has given me. Me is me. I was not dealt the best cards in life. But still, it is what it’s supposed to be. And I love it. Lets go!

I look forward to the next couple of weeks to go all in, again and again. To learn, to do, explore, conquer, and build.

To make progress. To feel great. To give and spread good energy.