Today is a day, I feel like a a fountain spilling over and over with no end in sight. Like an endless machine full of ideas, new thoughts, focus, energy, inspiration, authenticity, courage, and so on…

It’s day’s like these when I am feeling so full and alive. After unlearning lots and lots of shit that society threw upon me, I peeled many layers of that onion to get to the core.

Still happening. Still working on it.

Our core is full of love. Inspiration. Imagination. Creativity. And first and foremost, the measure of it all: energy

For example, children are fascinating to me. Look at them, running around all day long, having ideas with no end… the energy they exert, that pure confidence, presence, and incredibly high self esteem. They come so pure. Natural. It is truly amazing.

That is before the system got a hold of them and swallowed them as a whole.

I truly believe that this innate energy that children express so naturally is who we truly are.

Let’s get back to the core. To infinite fun, love, confidence, presence, and everything which you truly desire in life!

  • Fabi