The Power Of The Mind

A blogpost with THAT headline is needed most on this page. It belongs on here. Oh yes, the power of the mind!

Maybe THE greatest thing I have ever discovered and experienced in my life is the power of the mind.

What a blessing it is to know, to see, to live through it.

What would life be without? Powerless, no direction, lost, victimized, and what not.

I hope that every human on this earth does discovers the power of his own mind.

I hope that YOU are able to tap into it. That you are able to USE your mind, your thoughts, your creativity, and so to build and create the life you truly wish for!

ANYTHING is possible.

EVERYTHING is FIRST conceived in the mind. Every little thing. From the inner, to the outer.

I had a really, really fucked up day today. Never ever before have I experienced such an amount of anger. Everything was going in my nerves. I was punching and kicking the bag as hard as I could. It did not go away. FUCK.

It was because I did not want to live through the day the way I had to… you know, job, duties, authority, people wanting things from you. I just wanted everybody to get the fuck off me and leave me alone. LONG DAY, zero time for me and my heart. Only job and duties.

I made sure not to project my anger onto others. I made sure I did no harm. Actually, I still gave it my best and did well for others! The anger stayed within.

Why do I write about the power of the mind TODAY? Because when I came home, after 16 hours of duties, I took time for myself. Immediately. I knew I had to do this. Because our mind ALWAYS comes first (some people think differently. These are not my kind of people. Go on and live a life full of toxic emotion and stress). I had to make my mind right again. I had to cope with the anger. I had to let go of these toxic emotions. I had to let them out.

Over the years of working on myself and my emotions, I got really good at it. I lay down. I breathe deep through my nose. I become aware of my body. I open the chakras. I let go of the negative emotion through my third eye. And that is only a very short explanation. IT TAKES A LOT OF PRACTICE.

What happened then? I actually feel reborn. After only 5 minutes. It is astounding how many times I went from fucked up to crystal clear and full of love and creativity in only a couple of minutes. It is truly astounding to me. It is because of the power of my mind!

Some people stay in a fucked up mental state for long period of times. Hours, days, months, even years. Because they have NOT discovered the power of their mind yet. They keep being victim of circumstance.

To know, be aware, and use the power of your own mind means freedom. It means control. It means being in charge. It means the opposite of being a victim of circumstance. It means creating the life you want. It means achievement. It means power. It means everything that you want.

The power of the mind, I will never get tired of it. I thank god for this discovery in my life, at an early age. It served me well. I continue to shape and create the life of my dreams.

Even though fucked up days and situation still happen, I don’t really get stuck. Sooner or later, I get out. Always. I have perfect faith and belief in life, that it does serve me well and that I have the strength, courage and wisdom to tackle and overcome any obstacle in my way.

Let’s make our life’s great. Let’s build and create the life of our dreams. Never let outside circumstance dictate the outcome of how you feel and how your life unfolds. Start to take responsibility and control, to lead yourself to the outcome and achievement you desire most.

I have perfect faith that you can. I have perfect faith that you are born for a life full of achievement and love. It may take some time and it might be a long way for some… But it does not change the fact.

I wish you all the best, lot’s of love, achievement, power and self esteem. I wish that you feel LOTS of GOOD emotion running through, everyday of your life. I wish that you can weather the storm, get through hurdles and obstacles and become powerful and strong in life. You can do it!

Never forget what you are capable of. Everyday anew, let’s become aware of the power of the mind.

  • Fabi