3 Things A Man Needs In His Life

I have got these 3 qualities / attributes for men from Jay Alvarrez. The idea stems from him. I am gonna elaborate on it. I cannot agree more of what he suggests.

He says, that a MAN needs AT LEAST ONE of them three things, in order to stay sane and to NOT fall into depression.

If you are a man and you lack these qualities in your life, you are NOT living a healthy lifestyle. You are yet to find your true strength and calling in life. You are yet to discover your masculine essence which lives in the core of you. You are yet to discover what you are really capable of, and how sweet and powerful life can be.

These three things are:


Maybe there are more of them things that the masculine essence thrives on. Probably. But only these three alone got so much power, that it might be enough to really thrive.


I want you to take a moment to take it in. Where do you find these attributes in your life? What do you feel when you hear one of those words? What does it trigger inside of you? Where are they missing?

I challenge you… to be a man.

  • Fabi